2023 Fall Class Descriptions

Digital Art

Who will attend?

Any students interested in Digital Art. No experience is required.

What will be covered?

This class will discuss the basic functions of digital art and help students understand the fundamental concepts of art. In order to take the class, students must download a drawing app such as IbisPaint or Procreate on a tablet or iPad. They may use their finger to draw, but a drawing pen or digital stylus is highly encouraged. The class will introduce students to color theory, facial expressions, and simple anatomy sketches. The class will primarily consist of drawings of characters in a cartoon style.

Class syllabus

What should I bring?

A tablet or iPad with the apps listed above.

Intro to Java 

No previous experience is required. Entry-level introduction to Java. 

What will be covered?

Intro to Python

No previous experience is required. A basic introduction to the language of Python, covering syntax structure, data types, and standard APIs.

What should I bring? 

What will be covered?

Mathleague /AMC8

Who will attend?

Any student interested in preparing for competitional math for Mathleague, Mathcounts, or AMC8. 

What will be covered?

Day 1: Introduction to Mathleague, Mathcounts, and AMC8; Preassessment; Equations; Combinations and Permutations

Day 2: Probability; 2D Geometry

Day 3: Plane Geometry; Basic 3D Geometry

Day 4: Puzzle-Esque Problems; Logic Problems

Day 5: Analyzing Diagrams; Rate Problems; Post Assessment

Intro to Science

Who will attend?

Any students interested in Science and Science Competitions. G4-G8

What will be covered?

Day 1: Opening; What is Science Olympiad; Code Buster; A&P

Day 2: Write-it-do-it; Storm the castle; Density Lab

Day 3: Heredity; Rocks & Minerals; Experimental Design

Day 4: What is Science Bowl; Biology+Earth+Math; Chemistry +Physcis; 

Day 5: Final Game & Award Ceremony

Speech & Debate

Who will attend?

This class is designed for those who are interested in and are passionate about argumentation and public speaking. This course will prepare you for Speech and Debate tournaments of all levels and will help you succeed and excel.

What will be covered?

1. Introduction to speech and debate

2. Articulation and Public Speaking

3. Research, Argumentation, and Persuasion

4. Different Types of Speech and Debate

5. Tournament, Kahoot and Mini-Debate   

Sports: Tennis

Who will attend?

Children aged 6-14 years. Will divide into different groups based on age and level. 

What will be covered?

In this class, they can learn the basic movements to play tennis, and also to get active and away from the computer.


Bramhall Park tennis courts

Bramhall Park Tennis courts - Google 

What should I bring?

⁃Water/Water bottle

⁃Tennis Racquet