Class Descriptions

Coding Camp

No previous experience required. Entry-level introduction to Java and C++. 

What will be covered for both languages:

Intro, Hello World

Console input and output

Variable and array declaration

Arithmetic operations

Loops and conditionals

Intro to methods and functions

Hip-Hop Camp

Will teach the entry-level hip-hop dance "X" by Jiaer Wang. 

What will be covered:

Warm-up; Basics for Hip-hop; Practice for "X"

Martial Arts Camp

No prior experience required. 

What will be covered:

Warm-up; Basics for martial arts; Cool-down

Science Camp

What will be covered daily:

Day 1: Opening; What is Science Olympia; Code Buster; A&P

Day 2: Disease Detective; Helicopter; Machines

Day 3: Heredity; Road Scholar

Day 4: Food Science; Intro to Science Bowl; Biology+Earth+Math in SB

Day 5: Chemistry+Physcis in SB; Final Game & Award Ceremony

Tennis Camp

Orange Ball for 6-10 year-old kids.

Location: TBD