2021 Fall Schedule

10 Weeks of Fall Courses 



 No class in the week of Thanksgiving

* All the tuitions to Bright Future Teens will be donated to the local low-income community.

All Courses will be online Zoom Classes based on the latest Covid status.

Wed 5-6pm

Coding 101 - Java ($15/class)

[Alex Hu]

Thu 7-8pm

Math AMC8 ($15/class)

[Ava Chen & Brian Bi]

Sat 4-5pm

Art ($10/class)

[Kristine Yu]

Sun 11am-12pm

Coding 101 - Python ($15/class)

[Kangjia Huang & Boyuan Liu]

Sun 1-2pm

Coding 101 - C/C++ ($15/class)

[Edward Huang & Franklin Yang]

Sun 3-4pm

Science: Intro to Physics ($15/class)

[Jiahe Lu & Jianyu Wang]

Private Classes Only


[Edward Huang]