2022 Spring Class Descriptions

Coding 101 C/C++ 

No previous experience is required. Entry-level introduction to C/C++. 

What will be covered for both languages?

Coding 101 Python

No previous experience is required. A basic introduction to the language of Python, covering syntax structure, data types, and standard APIs.

What will be covered:

Math AMC8/AMC10

Who should attend?

Target for students who is currently able to score 15+ in AMC8, or masters prealgebra.

What will be covered:

Week1: [A] Substitution

Week2: [A] Factoring

Week3: [G] Algebra in Geometry

Week4: [G] Similarity (ratio)

Week5: [N] Factors, SFFT

Week6: [N] Modular Arithmetic

Week7: [C] Geometry Probability

Week8: [C] Stick and Stones

Week9: Mock up AMC8 and deep dive (I)

Week10: Mock up AMC8 and deep dive (II)

A: Algebra

G: Geometry

N: Number theory

C: Counting and probability 

Math: Intro to Algebra I

Who shall attend?

Any students interested in the basics of algebra I. Prealgebra knowledge is preferred. This is not a competition training class. 

What will be covered?

Introduction to Algebra

Working with Real Numbers

Solving Equations and Problems


Factoring Polynomials


Science: Intro to Chemistry

Who shall attend?

Any students interested in Science and Chemistry. G5+

What will be covered?

Science: Intro to Physics

Who shall attend?

Any students interested in Science and Physics. Prealgebra knowledge is preferred.

What will be covered?

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

Week 7

Week 8

Week 9

Week 10

Speech & Debate

Who shall attend?

Welcome to Speech and Debate! A place where valuable life lessons will be learned and memories will be made. This class is designed for those who are interested and are passionate about argumentation and public speaking. This course will prepare you for Speech and Debate tournaments of all levels and will help you succeed and excel.

What will be covered?

1.            Introduction to speech and debate

2.            How to articulate

3.            Speech practice

4.            Public Forum basics

5.            Other forms of debate

6.            Research

7.            Persuasion

8.            Tournament basics

9.            Mini-debate

10.          Summary 

Sports: Tennis

Who shall attend?

Orange Ball for 6-10 years old kids.

In this class, they can learn the basic movements to play tennis, and also to get active and away from the computer.

Ratio: 1:3-1:6


Cupertino/West SJ tennis courts ( to be announced soon)

What to bring:

⁃Water/Water bottle

⁃Tennis Racquet


What to expect:

⁃A fun and engaging environment

⁃Being active and moving a lot




Teaching the movements



Drills + Game


Sports: Golf

Who will attend?

Any student interested in learning the beginner skills of golf. No experience is required.

Location: Deep Cliff Golf Course

10700 Club House Ln, Cupertino, CA 95014

What will be covered?

Putting, Chip Shots, Full Swing, Golf Course Strategy

What should I bring?

Golf clubs (if you have them), Sunscreen, Water