2023 Spring Schedule

10 Weeks of Spring Courses 

$15/class for others & $25/class for Tennis*

[Feb 4 - Apr 16

 No class in the week of Ski break in Feb**

* All the tuitions to Bright Future Teens will be donated to the local low-income community.

All Courses will be online Zoom Classes except Tennis and Golf.

Friday 7-8pm

Math: Advanced AMC8/AMC10 

[Brian Bi]

Sat 5-6pm

Science Bowl

[Jianyu Wang]

Sat 6-7:30pm

History, Current Events & Debate

[Harly Liu]

Sat 7:30-8:30pm

Coding 101 - C/C++ /Java

[Edward Huang & Franklin Yang]

Sun 4-5:30pm

Tennis ***

[Michelle Ge, Alan Zhang, Yuanye Ma, etc]

Location: Cupertino/West SJ tennis courts 

Sun 10-11am

Coding 101 - Python

[Boyuan Liu]

Sun 6:30-7:30pm

Speech & Debate 

[Evan Liu & Bryan Hong]

Sun 7:30-8:30pm

Math League/Math Count

[Kevin Zhu]

Private Classes Only


[Edward Huang]

**No class weeks: 

Feb 20-26