2022 Fall Courses

10 weeks of fun classes for Debate, History, STEM & Sports


Interested in Coding? Python , Java or C/C++? 


Math lover?  AMC8/10? Math League/Mathcount? Would you like more challenge?


Want to know more about Science? Who is Newton?

Speech & Debate

Love to be a better speaker? What about your critical thinking skills? 

History, Current Events & Debate

Love history and political science? Let's talk about history and current events with debate skills. 


Get out of your chair!What about tennis? 



Bring your curiosity and have fun!


Meet the Instructors

Edward Huang

Coding/Golf Instructor (C/C++ or Java)

Franklin Yang

Coding/Science Instructor (C/C++)

Boyuan Liu

Coding Instructor (Python)

Jianyu Wang 

Science Instructor

Kangjia Huang

Chemistry Instructor

Brian Bi

Math Instructor (AMC8/10)

Kristine Yu

Math Instructor (Algebra)/Martial Arts

Jiahe Lu

Java/Science Instructor

Evan Liu

Speech & Debate Instructor

Bryan Hong 

Speech & Debate Instructor

Michelle Ge

Tennis Instructor

Alan Zhang 

Tennis Instructor

Yuanye Ma

Tennis Instructor

Harly Liu

History & Current Events Instructor

Kevin Zhu

Math Instructor (Mathleage/Mathcount)

Katherine Yang

Science/Digital Art Instructor

Elizabeth Zhang

Digital Art Instructor


 Feel free to choose or combine any sessions that you are interested in!


Let us know if you'll join us to have fun together!