from July 5th  to July 16th

2021 Summer Camp

A 10-day summer camp of STEM, Coding & Sports


Want to know more about Science Olympiad and Science Bowl? 


Interested in Coding? What about C++ and Java? 


Getting out of your chairs! Try Martial Arts & Tennis? 



The goal of this camp is to bring the bright campers together for a joyful summer while learning new things!



The Instructors

Brian Bi

Science Olympiad Instructor

Brian Xue

Science Bowl Instructor

Franklin Yang

Science Olympiad & Coding Instructor

Jiahe Lu

Science Olympiad & Coding Instructor

Jianyu Wang 

Science Olympiad & Science Bowl Instructor

Edward Huang

Coding Instructor

Alex Hu

Coding Instructor

Kristine Yu

Martial Arts Instructor

Alan Zhang

Tennis Coach

Katherine Xu

Tennis Coach

Michelle Ge

Tennis Primary Coach

Yuanye Ma

Tennis Coach

Shirina Cao

Hip-hop Instructor


 Feel free to choose or combine any sessions that you are interested in!


Let us know if you'll join us to have fun together this Summer!