2023 Fall Instructors

Franklin Yang (C/C++)

Franklin Yang is a rising junior at Lynbrook High. He has competed in the Miller Science Olympiad teams for 3 years and Lynbrook Science Olympiad team for 2 years. He has won 30+ top medals in events at regional, state and national invitational tournaments. Some examples of the events: Anatomy & Physiology, Circuit Lab, Codebuster, Density Lab, Dynamic Planet, Heredity, Ping-Pong Parachute, and Water Quality. He is also a team member of Lynbrook Science Bowl. Franklin is USABO semifinalist, AIME qualifier and USACO Silver Qualifier. He has coding with C++ for 7+ years. 


Boyuan Liu (Python)

Boyuan Liu is a rising senior at Pleasant Grove High School. He's passionate about coding in Python, as well as Web Development. He started programing 7 years ago. He enjoys making projects of his own. He also participated in the school's robotics club. 


Kevin Zhu (AMC8/Mathleague)

Kevin Zhu is currently a rising sophomore grader at Lynbrook High School. He is a 2x AIME qualifier, 4x AMC 8 HR, and 2x AMC 8 DHR. He also has over 3 years of experience in contests such as mathleague and mathcounts. He has achieved countless top ten in mathleague elementary and high school contests and has made it to the national competition on more than 3 separate events. 

In total, he has been doing competition math for over 5 years and wants to spread his knowledge to the next group of young kids. Some hobbies he enjoys in his free time are Minecraft and Basketball.


Ava Chen


Ava Chen is a rising sophomore at Lynbrook High School. She has been doing competitive math since 4th grade, and is an AIME qualifier. She also won the Alphastar Scholarship in 6th grade. Ava regularly participates in math contests and has won many awards. Other than math, she enjoys programming in C++ (sometimes Java and Python) and reading. 

Jianyu Wang (Science)

Jiayu Wang is a rising junior at Lynbrook. He has participated in the Miller Science Olympiads Team for 3 years and Lynbrook Science Olympiads team for 2 year.  His events includes: Road Scholar, Density Lab, Write It Do It. He has also participated in Miller Science Bowl Team and Lynbrook Science Bowl Team. Jianyu has won many medals for his events in State and Invitational Competition. He also won the 2021 National 5th for Science Bowl with the miller team.


Katherine Yang (Science)

Katherine Yang is a rising 8th grader at Miller Middle School. She participates in Science Olympiad at Miller for 2 years and has earned various medals in Codebuster, Write It Do It, and Storm the Castle. In addition, she has been coding in C++ for 3 years. Katherine is a talented artist who specializes in digital art, shading, and acrylic painting. 

Elizabeth Zhang (Digital Arts)

Elizabeth Zhang is a rising Harker ninth grader. She enjoys drawing both traditional and digital art. In her spare time, she posts her artwork on her YouTube channel:  https://tinyurl.com/LemonDragon She has received two gold keys in the Scholastic Art Competition, with one of them receiving a national silver medal. She enjoys watching Demon Slayer and anime like Jujutsu Kaisen in her free time.


Evan Liu (Speech & Debate) 

Evan Liu is a rising sophomore at Lynbrook High School. He has been participating in speech and debate since the 4th grade. He has experience competing in public forum, and has been on the Miller debate team for three years. He is very passionate about debate and would love to share it with more people!


Bryan Hong (Speech & Debate)

Bryan Hong is a rising senior attending Jasper High School. He has been doing speech and debate since middle school. He has competed in both Extemp and Congressional debate and has won many awards for these events. 

Bryan Hong is also our BFT chapter leader in TX. 


Ray Zhu (Flute)

Ray Zhu is currently a freshman at Lynbrook High School with 5 years of flute experience. During 4th grade, following his sister’s footsteps, Ray decided to learn flute, and he was practicing ever since. Currently, he is a member of CPYOs’ senior orchestra and a 2023 California All State band member. Along with those achievements, he was also in Millers’ advanced band and is participating in Lynbrook’s Concert Band.

Wanze Jin (Tennis) 

Wanze (Roger) Jin is a rising sophomore at Valley Christian High School, tennis had become his hobby when he was in elementary school, he has been training in tennis for over 6 years and often compete in USTA junior tournaments. His real-time UTR is 8.03, and he is striving for further improvement. About 2 years ago, he started to coach younger junior players. He enjoy serving as a coach and accumulate good experiences on how to lead younger juniors to enjoy tennis. 


Michelle Ge (Tennis) 

Michelle Ge is a rising sophomore grader at Basis Silicon Valley. She learned played tennis at a very young age and currently is National Tournament Top Winner for Girl Tennis. 

UTR=7.4, #15 Grils U14 Norcal


Alan Zhang (Tennis) 

Alan Zhang is a rising 8th grader at Basis Silicon Valley. He has been training as a junior tennis player for many years. Alan frequently competes in boys' tennis tournaments and is ranked in Northern California 12 and under boys division. 

UTR=5.6, #21 boys U12 Norcal


Steven Liu (Tennis) 

Steven Liu is a rising junior at Lynbrook High School. While enjoying his campus life, Steven is passionate about playing competitive tennis. He was a recipient of the Lynbrook Athletic Award as the “2021-2022 Varsity Boys Tennis Most Valuable Player”. He was also a 2021-2022 All-League Player of the Santa Clara Valley Athletic League in varsity boys’ tennis. His current UTR is 7.9. 


Muyan Chen (Chinese)

Muyan Chen is a dedicated and detail-oriented Chinese Language Instructor with proven skills in creating a positive learning environment, lesson planning, and innovative teaching methods. Holding experience as a Teacher's Assistant at Beijing World Youth Academy, she is adept at collaborating on diverse projects and managing classroom environments. She also served as a Badminton Club Leader, displaying her talent in employing diverse instructional strategies to enhance student learning. Muyan completed an internship at the Beijing M&P Law Firm where she honed her organizational and communication skills. Currently pursuing her degree at Beijing World Youth Academy, Muyan is passionate about sports, music, travel, and movies. She is a native Mandarin speaker and is also bilingual in English.

Fei Li (Culture Exchange)

Fei Li is an eleven-year-old girl from Hangzhou, China, who loves art and music. She's been really successful in both areas, even though she's still very young. In 2022, Fei won third place in a painting competition at the 13th Culture and Art Festival for Hangzhou Primary and Secondary School Students. This wasn't her only win that year. She also got the Gold Award at the 4th National Creative Art Theme Final Competition of Road to Academy of Fine Arts, which is a big honor. Fei doesn't just paint, though. She also loves music. She even won an Honorable Mention Award in the music project at the "Seven Arts" exhibition festival for kids in Hangzhou in 2022.

Shuyi Dai (Culture Exchange)

Shuyi Dai is a ten-year-old from Hangzhou, China. She is a fifth grader who also takes on the role of a tutor at Bright Future Teens. Her drive for knowledge and learning is displayed in her achievements, such as earning Level 3 in Cambridge English and reaching Level 4 in playing the Zither, a traditional Chinese instrument. Shuyi has a broad range of interests. She enjoys painting, spending hours immersed in bringing her visions to life on canvas. She's also fond of crafting, pouring her creativity into each piece of handwork she creates. Reading is another activity she enjoys, often getting lost in the pages of her favorite books. Not one to stay still for too long, Shuyi also loves skating, an activity that keeps her energized.

Previous Instructors

Edward Huang (C/C++, Java, and Golf)

Edward Huang is a senior at the Harker School. He has been coding in Java and C++ since middle school. Edward has completed AP computer science with data structures at school. He is also a 3x AIME qualifier and USACO gold qualifier. He played on his school's golf team and also enjoys playing for fun in his free time.


Brian Bi (Math: Advanced AMC8/AMC10)

Brian Bi is a rising junior at Lynbrook High. He was a member of Miller Science Olympiad black team, and participated with Disease Detective (State 3rd place, Regional 2nd place) /Food Science (Regional 4th place)/Helicopter (Regional 4th place) events. He likes math (qualified AIME since 6th grade and qualified USAJMO since 8th grade. USAJMO winner in 2022) and he also enjoys physics and coding.

Kristine Yu (Martial Arts)

Kristine Yu is a rising sophomore in Nortre Dame High School. She has practised martial arts since 8 years old. Currently she ranks 8th in USA Junior team trail A group female. She won Straight Sword 3rd Place in 2019 8th World Kungfu Championships held at Emeishan City, China. 


Kangjia Huang (Science: Chemistry)

Kangjia Huang is a rising junior at Lynbrook High School. He has a great interest in the field of Chemistry. He began studying the subject largely in 6th grade, and in his spare time, he will often explore and research different areas of chemistry, or make his own hobby projects by not only leveraging his own knowledge of chemistry but also by actively researching novel problems that he may come across to continuously expand his knowledge of the subject. Some of his past passion projects include a developer solution to visualize the data stored on magnetic strips, an antiviral solution that leverages isopropanol and solvents to boost the antiviral effectiveness, whose increased performance compared to traditional alcohol sanitizers was shown with various experiments on a simulated virus model, and also a cleaning agent that uses D-limonene and a mixture of other solvents and surfactants to create a skin-friendly and eco but extremely effective grease remover.

He also enjoys coding and is a USACO silver qualifier. Playing the piano is one of his favorite ways to take a break, and he also has various qualifications in that regard such as passing ABRSM Grade 8 (equivalent to CM level 10) with merit.

Jiahe Lu (Java)

Jiahe Lu is currently a rising junior at Lynbrook High. He has participated in the Miller Science Olympiads team for 3 years, spending 1 year in each of the teams. Some of the events that he has done are: Circuit Lab, Road Scholar, Experimental Design, Anatomy & Physiology, Machines, Ping-Pong Parachute, and Game on. Jiahe is interested in many fields of STEM and regularly participates in competitions on those subjects. Jiahe has also qualified for USACO Gold and AIME.

Yuanye Ma (Tennis) 

Yuanye Ma, a rising sophomore from JL Stanford middle school, is an active and passionate tennis player for 5 years

UTR=8, #30 boys U14 Norcal

Harly Liu (History, Current Events & Debate)

Harly Liu is a rising freshman at Basis Independent Silicon Valley. He is very passionate about history, having participated in the National History Bee and qualified for the International History Olympiad. He loves politics and reads news daily. He is also enthusiastic about debate and has won awards in Lincoln Douglas events. 

Sean Huang (Python)

Sean Huang is a rising 8th grader at Miller Middle School. He participated in Science Olympiad for Sounds of Music, Rocks and Minerals, Bridge, and Experimental Design, and made the Harker Math Invitational team. He has been doing ACSL Junior for 2 years and has solved some USACO bronze-level problems. He has been programming for 3 years, and has been using Blender for 3D Design for 4 years. His hobbies include playing clarinet, playing sports, and biking.