BFT New York

BFT New York currently supports volunteer service efforts in Great Neck, NY, with volunteers located at Great Neck North High School and Great Neck North Middle School. Please contact Bright Future Teens with any inquiries or requests.

Chapter Presidents

Justin Chen

Justin Chen is a Junior at Great Neck North High School. He has a strong interest in STEM related fields, such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, and research. Justin also codes primarily in Python, which is a core component of his research project. Outside of school, Justin has many hobbies such as chess, tennis, and skiing in the winter. He also volunteers to teach chess and tennis during his spare time.

Chiming Wang

Chiming Wang is a Junior at Great Neck South High School. He is interested in computers and business, and the area where those two fields meet. Chiming has extensive experiences in computer hardware, cloud computing, crypto mining, and AI automation and he holds several professional certificates.  He founded his AI automation company, Guhoo Technologies. Chiming is on his high school’s Varsity Track & Field team and he volunteers to do photography in his free time.

Team Leads

Max Wang

Max Wang, a Freshman at Great Neck South Middle School, ranks #33 nationally. He's passionate about STEM, particularly math and science. Supported by two brothers and family, he's a Taekwondo black belt, displaying skill and leadership. Max guides young minds, aspiring to shape them into great people. With his strong foundation and dedication, Max wants to make a positive impact in both academics and character development.

Dylan Wang

Dylan Wang, a freshman at Great Neck South High School, one of the leading high schools in the US. He is interested in STEM related fields, but also enjoys other subjects such as history. Dylan is programming Python and JAVA languages, and is also a big fan of robotics. Beyond educational endeavors, he loves to read and immerse himself in STEM-oriented documentaries. In his free time, Dylan likes to practice Taekwondo and holds first degree blackbelt.

Jayden Chen

Jayden Chen is an 8th grade student in Great Neck North Middle School. He is a bright, cheerful, kind, "driven to succeed" (words from his 7th grade teacher), and a natural leader among his friends. Jayden’s biggest hobby is football. He has been a player of the school’s football team since 7th grade. Jayden also likes playing basketball, tennis, and skiing. He also enjoys playing video games as another pastime in his free time.

Leo C.

Leo C. is a sixth-grade tutor at Bright Future Teens. He is passionate about math and helping the community.